Tower Mains is pleased to announce training courses to help you, your employees and colleagues stay up to date with the latest practices, standards and guidelines are now on our new website.

We’ve been running training courses for many years.  However, times change, expectations and requirements change, and we decided to completely overhaul our courses to bring you bang up to date on what you need to know if you are working in the life sciences industry.

Recent events have brought the need for virtual training into sharp focus and, although we have been offering virtual training alongside our face-to-face training as a matter of choice for clients, it’s now become a necessity to expand this to cover all aspects of training during these testing times.

Will we still be offering face-to-face training?  Yes, we will, but not until it is safe to run them.  Safe for our staff and safe for you.

What are the advantages of virtual training?

  • Cost – no travel costs, no travel time, no accommodation costs
  • Number of participants – we have no limits on the number of participants. However, having interactive training is not quite as effective with very large groups
  • Time spent training – we have decided to focus on a modular model with half-day courses consisting of 2 modules and full-day courses consisting of 4-6 modules. The modules will be available on different days and different times and this means that there are no whole days spent training (unless these are client courses when this option will be offered), allowing participants to more easily fit the modules into their working day.

We have always tailored our courses to suit our clients’ needs and we will continue to do so whether the training is virtual or face-to-face.

Is virtual training better or worse than face-to-face training?

Virtual training is designed to emulate the classroom environment with the tutor and each participant being geographically separate.  Participants may still discuss, ask questions and learn directly from the experts.  Our presenters use Zoom, Teams or any other suitable live video link.

Interaction is vital and we make use of quizzes, polls, discussions and other exercises to ensure there is plenty of variety in our remote courses.

What about Webinars?  Webinars are often pre-recorded so there is no immediate avenue for asking questions or interacting with others on the course.  They are more like online lectures, whereas virtual training is more like being in a classroom with a tutor where you have direct communication.

Face-to-face training has often been cited as the best type of training, however, technology has moved on and virtual training has all the benefits of direct communication with other participants in discussions groups and with the tutor without all the time and cost issues associated with face-to-face training.

Which is best?

It has now come down to personal preference rather than an objective ‘this one offers more, or this one offers less’.  The feedback we get is very positive about virtual training and we hope that you will feel just as positive if you use our training services.

Training Areas

Now that you know how we deliver our training; we’d like to tell you about the areas in which we train.

We offer:

  • Regulatory training as introductory and refresher courses in GCP, GLP, GMP and many of the ISO Standards
  • Masterclasses (round table for up to 8 participants, either virtual or face-to-face) for those wanting to advance their skills in a regulatory area or in position-specific roles, eg Monitors, Study Directors, Site Investigators, etc
  • Non-regulatory training for those in, for example, consumer testing, universities and the NHS
  • Inspection Preparation is a programme of training involving TMF audit, mock inspection interviews with feedback and advice, confidence building and presentations
  • Personal Development (individual or small groups of up to 8 participants) to deal with specific issues, confidence, people management, assertiveness, cracking the ‘glass ceiling


If you have training needs beyond this list, then please get in touch as we love a challenge!